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Year 2 Paddington Bear Adventures

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Finally our PENPAL letters have arrived in Canda.


Here are our penpals writing their letters…we cannot wait to read them

After weeks and weeks of waiting our letters have finally arrived in Canada.


Here they are trying to guess what was in the package we sent… I wonder what sort of things they said?


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SHIVER ME TIMBERS ! It’s a year 2 pirate party

IMG_4121 from Silvana Cunningham on Vimeo.

IMG_4110 from Silvana Cunningham on Vimeo.


pirates from Silvana Cunningham on Vimeo.

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‘Get Caught Writing’ competition

Well done to Luca and Martha on their entries to the ‘

Get Caught Writing’ competition. Both have produced writing in some very unusual places. Why not look at the competition board and check out their writing and pictures.


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Talented year 2


Some of the talented children in year 2

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Year 2 have been very busy this week learning all about fractions. We learnt how to find fractions of shapes and objects and then find fractions of a number. Did you know a quarter of 8  is 2?

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New Term , New Topic!

Hi Year Two bloggers

It is the start of a new term and it is time for a new topic. Our new topic is ‘Inventors’ write and tell me who your favourite inventor is and why?


This is Leonardo Da Vinci he is a very famous artist and inventor. Can you find out about one of his designs?

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Manchester Topic Finale



We were, as always, thrilled by the wonderful projects that the children brought into school to show us last week!

Thank you so much to all of the parents and grandparents who helped.  The children were full of enthusiasm and had obviously had great fun both choosing and completing their work. Well done everyone!


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Welcome to Year 2’s Blog. Updates and news will follow shortly.

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